2015 Langara Student Film Festival


As part of the Just Film Festival, every year we screen short films made by students in the Langara College Documentary Film Program.

Sunday, March 22 | 12:15 pm | Theatre 4

My Favourite Leg


10 min. | 2014
FILMMAKER: Coni Martin

Have you ever wondered what life would be like with only one leg? My Favourite Leg tells the inspiring story of the perseverance and determination of one person who lives with that reality every day. Para-Olympian athlete and international champion Andrea Holmes tells us about her four different legs: one for daily life activities, a carbon fibre model for running, another that is waterproofed for swimming and one for wearing high-heels. The high-heel version is her favourite – it was the first time in her life she looked down and felt like she was standing on two real legs. This documentary has been selected and screened at the United Nations Headquarters for the 2014 Enable International Film Festival.

Every Four Years


10 min. | 2014
FILMMAKER: Vede Seeterram

During the 2014 World Cup, a Trinidadian-Canadian soccer enthusiast wonders if people in Vancouver are as crazy about the tournament as he is.  To find out, he goes straight to the fans. What makes this tournament so popular, and why do people across cultures love it so much?  The fans are the stars, and with additional insights provided by one of Canada’s former national goalkeepers, the film reveals what most fans of the World Cup believe in their hearts – that it’s NOT just a game!

Greek Enough


10 min. | 2014
FILMMAKER: Anika Syskaskis

Greek Enough is an exploration of cultural identity within the Greek-Canadian community. The film is weaved together with poignant stories of immigration and heritage alongside hands-on lessons that assist the filmmaker in connecting to her culture. “When people ask about my heritage, I proudly state: Greek; I avoid the inevitable questions of how Greek my blood truly is. My father is Greek but my mother is not and although I have always identified more with my Greek side, the inevitable truth is I am still only half. I don’t speak Greek, I don’t practice the religion, and I can’t cook a Greek dish to save my life. I am often poked fun at by fully Greek friends and family for not being Greek enough. What makes someone more Greek? And how can I become that?”


standstill-web10 min. | 2013
FILMMAKER: Joella Cabalu

StandStill follows the filmmaker’s journey to bring together her gay brother and devout Catholic parents to openly discuss their conflicting beliefs for the first time. StandStill premièred at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival in August 2014 and went on to screen at Reel Pride Film Festival in Winnipeg and the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (nominated for Best Canadian Short award). It will be a part of the Haida Gwaii Film Festival in March and the Reel 2 Reel International Film Festival for Youth in April at Vancity Theatre. The film has been used for educational purposes for the Out in Schools program and MOSAIC’s “I Belong” LGBTQ immigrant project.