Friday Night

Friday, March 31 | 7 pm

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Burden of Peace

77 min. | 2015 | U.K.

DIRECTORS: Joey Boink, Sander Wirken

The documentary ‘Burden of Peace’ tells the impressive story of Claudia Paz y Paz, the first woman to lead the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala. The country that has been ravaged for years by a devastating civil war, in which nearly 200,000 Mayan indigenous people were systematically massacred, is today one of the most violent in the world. Claudia starts a frontal attack against corruption, drug gangs and impunity and does what everyone had hitherto held to be impossible,even unthinkable: she arrests former dictator Efraín Rios Montt on charges of genocide. His would become the first conviction of a former head of state for genocide in a national court in world history. But these achievements in justice would come at a price for Paz y Paz.
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Friday, March 31 | 9 pm

When Two Worlds Collide

103 min. | 2016 | Peru/Qatar

DIRECTORS: Heidi Brandenburg Sierralta & Mathew Orzel

When Two Worlds Collide The irreconcilability of indigenous land rights and free-trade agreements has seldom been more dramatically illustrated than in this documentary about the collapse of the Peru’s Amazon rainforest due to the exploitation of natural resources. The on-the-ground footage immerses us in a community’s struggle for survival against a multinational’s machinations. The heart of the film is the 2009 clash between Peru’s government, headed by right-wing politician Alan García, and the Peruvian Amazon communities. García’s efforts to attract foreign businesses culminate with the signing of a free-trade agreement with the US that includes a number of provisions directly contravening indigenous peoples’ rights. As we witness in deftly edited archival footage, the lack of desire on the government’s part to find an agreement leads to escalating social unrest.
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