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JUST_AmerLatina_2AfterTheHarvest-1wAfter the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands

22 min. | 2011 | Optic Nerve Productions
DIRECTOR: Brian Kimmel
NARRATOR: Susan Sarandon

Saturday, March 1 12:40 pm | Theatre 5

Coffee farmers in Chiapas, Mexico greet the rainy months between May and September with a mix of hope and trepidation. Consistent rainfall is vital to their crops, but too much water makes their rural dirt roads impassable. The price of beans and corn goes up, just when income from the coffee harvest is depleted. These are “los meses flacos,” or the thin months, when families make ends meet by eating less, eating cheaper foods, and/or borrowing against their future. This film reinforces the fact that our choices for coffee purchase matter. Fair and direct trade makes a difference during the “thin months.”
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Gold Fever

55 min. | 2013 | Northland Films
FILM MAKERS: JT Haines, Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherbourne

Saturday, March 1 | 1:15 pm | Theatre 5

Gold Fever witnesses the arrival of Vancouver-based Goldcorp, Inc. in a remote Guatemalan village. 500 years after the conquistadors invaded and still reeling from decades of US-backed repression, the Mayans of San Miguel Ixtahuacan find themselves on the front lines of an increasingly globalized world. Together with members of their divided community, and in the face of grave consequences, Diodora, Crisanta and Gregoria resist the threat to their ancestral lands. This hard-hitting film exposes the impacts of destructive transnational mining operations and how our Canadian Pension Plan investments are implicated.
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RIGOBERTA MENCHU GRAND PRIX, 2013 Montreal First Peoples Festival



41 min. | 2013 | 6Kids Productions
DIRECTOR: Rachel Schmidt

Saturday, March 1 2:30 pm | Theatre 5

Defensora is a documentary about a Mayan Q’eqchi’ resistance against mining in Guatemala. The story is set along the shores of Lake Izabal in the community of El Estor where a nickel mining company has operated for over 50 years. Tensions run high against a backdrop of pro and anti-mining camps, violence and forced evictions. The film takes audiences into the lives of defenders in the resistance who struggle to reclaim their ancestral lands and seek justice in Canadian courts for alleged human rights violations.
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