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Bad Coyote

52 min. | 2011 | NFB
DIRECTOR: Jason Young

Saturday, March 1 | 1:15 pm | Theatre 3

It’s new, it’s fearless and very real. Following a deadly coyote attack in the Cape Breton wilderness, Maritimers react to the perceived threat and infiltration of what is thought to be a new superspecies, part coyote and part wolf. But is the response rational, or based on fear mongering?
NOTE: This film contains scenes of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.
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Hawaii: Message in the Waves

50 min. | 2007 | McNabb/Connolly
FILM MAKERS: Tim Green & Rebecca Hosking

Sunday, March 2 | 1:30 pm | Theatre 4

Hawaii: Message in the Waves looks at some of the environmental challenges facing the people and wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands. These islands represent a microcosm of the planet. Some of the formerly pristine beaches are now covered with plastic waste, an increasing and persistent threat.

With beautiful cinematography, this film tells the story of the animals that make the Hawaiian surf their home, and the remarkable people who work to protect them. Three young people, a free diver, a native Hawaiian and a surfer/musician are passionate about doing what they can to heal and protect the earth. The magnificent waves that crash on the beaches carry a message. It is becoming increasingly clear that the oceans, not just around Hawaii but the world over, are in peril.


The Light Bulb Conspiracy

52 min. | 2010 | McNabb/Connolly
DIRECTOR: Cosima Dannortizer

Sunday, March 2 | 12:15 pm | Theatre 4

The Light Bulb Conspiracy uncovers how planned obsolescence has shaped our lives and economy since the 1920’s when manufacturers deliberately started shortening the life of consumer products to increase demand. The film profiles several well-known historical advocates, including Bernard London, who famously proposed ending the Great Depression by mandating planned obsolescence, and Brook Stevens, whose post-war ideas became the gospel of the 1950’s and helped shape the throwaway consumer society of today.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy also looks at modern examples of planned obsolescence, including computer printers and the controversy over the inability to replace iPod batteries. Environmental consequences are seen most dramatically in massive amounts of electronic waste. The film also features a new generation of consumers, designers and business people who have started challenging planned obsolescence as an unsustainable economic driver.
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Passive House: A Building Revolution

45 min. | 2013 | Institute for Community Solutions
DIRECTOR: Faith Morgan

Saturday, March 1 | 1:25 pm | Theatre 2

Every activist concerned about climate change and excessive energy consumption should know about the emerging passive house revolution. This film takes you on a journey through the most important development in building design, construction and retrofitting in a generation.

For 20 years the passive house standard has been quietly spreading across Europe. Now, leading-edge architects and builders are bringing this standard to the US and Canada in order to realize the benefits of creating buildings that use 80 percent less heating and cooling energy. Lifecycle costs are less than any other “green” method of construction. Innovators, including architects, builders and homeowners, share their reasons for choosing to build a passive house or do a deep-energy retrofit on their own home. These homes don’t require a furnace but remain comfortable year round even in cold climates.
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Young Voices for the Planet

55 min. | 2013 | Young Voices for the Planet
DIRECTOR: Lynn Cherry

Saturday, March 1 | 12:00 pm | Theatre 2

This inspiring series of short films feature youth solutions to the climate crisis. The films document young people speaking out and reducing CO2 while tackling a range of environmental issues through creative win-win solutions. The aim is to transform youth and adults from feeling hopeless to hopeful, apathetic to engaged and help them realize that they have the power to make change in the world. See the Just Film website or the link below for the film list.
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