Friday Opening Film


Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley


91 min. | 2014 |
FILMMAKER: Jesse Freeston

Friday, March 20 | 7:00 pm | Theatre 5 (A130)

In 2009, the first coup d’état in a generation overthrows the elected president of Honduras, plunging the whole region into a chaotic state of uncertainty. In protest, the farmers of the Aguan Valley take over several palm oil plantations belonging to the country’s largest landowner, all amidst the birth of a nation-wide movement against the oppressive new regime. Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley tells the story of the Honduran coup from the inside, following the group who has carried out the most daring resistance to it: the 2000 farming families who took over the plantations of the most powerful man in the country, with no plans to ever give them back.

On the morning of 28 June 2009, the Honduran people prepare to vote in the first referendum. The proposal is to write a new constitution, and a “yes” could radically transform the country. Three quarters of Hondurans were not even born the last time that an elected government was overthrown in Central America, and yet they wake up surrounded by soldiers and hear rumors that President Zelaya was expelled from the country. A national movement, simply known as La Resistencia, revolts. This documentary follows the boldest branch of the movement, the peasants of the Aguan Valley.

Filmed over four years, Resistencia follows three key members of the farmers’ resistance as they build up their new communities on occupied land and agitate for a more democratic state, all while trying to survive the regime’s violent response.