Langara Student Film Festival



Sunday, March 2 12:15 pm | Theatre 2



2013             7 min.
Director: Roqaya A. Hameid
“Do something about yourself, you’re scaring people.” In this short documentary, Tony tells us his story: a life halted by a haunting past and a desire for a surgical enhanced future that seems unattainable.


The Gran Nigel            

2013            3 min.

Director: Joella Cabalu
A circus performer dares to do the impossible – compete in The GranFondo cycling race from Vancouver to Whistler, a distance of 122 km …on a unicycle.


Throwing Punches – A Stuntwoman’s Journey            

2013            13 min.

Director: Rosalie Miller

Throwing Punches is a snapshot of one stuntwoman’s journey to the top. From her competitive, athletic beginnings, to the big break that catapults her stunt career, we follow Leanne Hindle’s successes and struggles and the mounting pressures to be the best.


Press Pause – Reset Your Life                       

2013            10 min.

Director: Linda Cherry

This film explores how the filmmaker overcame stress and confusion in her life through the help of western technology combined with ancient spiritual wisdom, a reset that shifted her perception and reshaped her experiences.

Julia's beekeeping workshop (1)

Hives for Humanity – The Power of Bees            

2012             10 min.

Director: Mathew Parry

Julia Common loves her bees and she is keen to share that love. In the summer of 2012 she placed one hive at a community garden in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. The community response was overwhelmingly positive, and one hive led to many, many more.

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