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SHORT FILM Double-Feature:

Sponsored by Village Vancouver, Ross Moster will introduce this double-feature and facilitate a Q&A with members of the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House in relation to Cooking Across Cultures.

Knitting Nanna’s

Saturday, February 13  |  12:00 pm

Rani Brown, Australia, 2013, 22 min.

Knitting Nannas

Knitting Nannas Against Gas is a group of sweet ladies who ‘protest’ by unfolding some lawn chairs, popping the kettle on and knitting. The KNAGs, who formed in Australia in 2012, campaign against the growing coal-seam gas (CSG) industry, which they argue threatens to destroy prime farmland and unspoiled ecosystems. They are also absolutely delightful and effective.

From the Nannafesto: “We peacefully & productively protest against the destruction of our land, air, and water by corporations and/or individuals who seek profit and personal gain from the short-sighted and greedy plunder of our natural resources. We support energy generation from renewable sources, and sustainable use of our other natural resources. We sit, knit, plot, have a yarn and a cuppa, and bear witness to the war against those who try to rape our land and divide our communities.”


Cooking Across Cultures

Saturday, February 13  |  12:23 pm

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Canada, 2015, 11 min.

Film participants in attendance

Cooking Across Cultures

Immigrants to Canada arrive healthier than the average Canadian, but this reverses in 5 to 10 years after arrival. This video looks at four groups – three immigrants and one Aboriginal – and discusses how food and culture affect them.


Milk Men

Saturday, February 13 | 1:05 pm

Filmmaker in attendance: Jan Haaken, filmmaker will introduce her film and facilitate a Q&A following the screening.

Jan Haaken, USA, 2015, 76 min.

Milk Men

Psychologist and filmmaker Jan Haaken revisits the region where she spent childhood summers on her aunt and uncle’s dairy farm, following four families as they try to survive amidst intense pressures that have led most dairies to go under. Filmed over the changing seasons and richly scenic agricultural terrain of the Pacific Northwest, dairy farming emerges as a fascinating tale of modernity. Regardless of the size of their operations, these families all struggle to hold onto traditions while adapting to change, from economic and technological forces to shifting intergenerational and gender roles. MILK MEN explores as well the symbolic place of dairy cows in the public imagination, and societal discomfort with industrializing a business long associated with rural America.


SHORT FILM Double-Feature:

Facing Fear

Saturday, February 13  |  3:10 pm

Jason Cohen, USA, 2014, 23 min.

Facing Fear

Worlds collide when a former neo-Nazi skinhead and the gay victim of his hate-crime attack meet by chance 25 years after the incident that dramatically shaped both their lives. Together they embark on a journey of forgiveness that challenges both to grapple with their beliefs and fears, eventually leading to an improbable collaboration… and friendship.

Academy Award Nominee, Documentary Short Subject 2014


Nefertiti’s Daughters

Saturday, February 13  |  3:35 pm

Mark Nickolas, Egypt, 2015, 39 min.

Nefertitis Daughters

Nefertiti’s Daughters is a story of women, art and revolution. Told by prominent Egyptian artists, this documentary witnesses the critical role revolutionary street art played during the Egyptian uprisings. Focused on the role of women artists in the struggle for social and political change, it spotlights how the iconic graffiti of Queen Nefertiti placed her on the front lines in the ongoing fight for women’s rights and freedom in Egypt today.

Remi Award, Houston International Film Fest 2015; Grand Jury Prize, Athens Film and Video Festival 2015



The Wanted 18

Saturday, February 13  |  4:30 pm

Filmmaker in attendance: Paul Cowan will be introduced by Martha Roth of Independent Jewish Voices, who will also facilitate a discussion with the filmmaker following the screening.

Amer Shomali, Paul Cowan, Palestine, 2015, 75 min.

The Wanted 18

It started simply enough, with the purchase of 18 cows. Bought by residents of the West Bank town of Beit Sahour, the cows were a symbol of freedom and resistance, allowing them to provide milk for their children rather than buying it from an Israeli company.

But these were not ordinary times. The first Palestinian popular movement in the West Bank was rising and soon the illegal cows, cherished by the Palestinians, were being sought by the Israeli army. With humour and passion, The Wanted 18 captures the spirit of the 1987 uprising through the personal experiences of those who lived it, bringing to life one of the strangest chapters in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Best Documentary from the Arab World, Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014; Golden tanit for Best Documentary, Carthage Film Festival 2014; Best Documentary, Traverse City Film Festival; Palestinian submission to the 88th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

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