Saturday Night Feature

Vancouver: An attacker pepper-sprayed a group of Syrian refugees as they were welcomed to a Muslim Community Centre. How did we get here?

The Province: Police investigate ‘hate-motivated’ crime after Syrian refugees pepper-sprayed outside Vancouver Muslim centre

CBC News: Syrian refugees confused, disappointed by pepper spray attack in Vancouver

Terri Ginsberg tells the tale of suppression of the film for the past four years in this Mondoweiss Review.

Filmmaker in attendance: Michael Singh will be introduced by Karen DeVito of CanPalNet, who will also facilitate a discussion with the filmmaker following the screening.

Reception to thank you all for attending will follow.

Valentino’s Ghost

Saturday, February 13 | 7:00 pm

Michael Singh, USA/Middle East, 2015, 100 min.

Valentinos Ghost

Narrated by Mike Farrell, Valentino’s Ghost exposes the way America’s foreign policy agenda in the Middle East influences Hollywood and mainstream media portrayals of Arabs and Muslims. Premiering at the Venice Film Festival, Italy, to a standing ovation, Valentino’s Ghost tracks the transition from the Arab as Romantic Hero to the Arab today as the embodiment of evil.

The 95-minute film features fresh, riveting and often stunning perspectives from the legendary late American writer Gore Vidal; John Mearsheimer, author of “The Israel Lobby”, celebrated British war correspondent Robert Fisk, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Anthony Shadid, Harvard and Oxford historian Niall Ferguson, historian Melani McAlister, TV star Tony Shalhoub, media expert Jack Shaheen, and Hollywood writer Alan Sharp.

Biting social commentary by comics Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader and Ahmed Ahmed ensure that the documentary maintains a constant flow of astonishing and eye-opening revelations.

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